About Me - The Eyes of Ana Belen

Ana Belén is an enthusiastic photographer who takes photography as an opportunity to stop the time and enjoy viewing the world thru different eyes. Although she always felt attracted by photography, it was not until 2007 when she bought her first DSLR camera. It all happened because of a friend of her, Emilio, wanted to buy a camera for himself. After many discussions about which camera to buy, she offered to bring one from Seoul, where presumably it would be cheaper than in Europe. At that point, she realised that she could not buy just one camera, so she bought Emilio's and hers.

Whether travelling for leisure or business, the camera is always the first thing to pack. Scouting for the right place is definitely a unique way of getting to know any place. Taking a good picture is a challenge on its own right. The Eyes of Ana Belen is a selection of her best pictures, taking them in different places around the world. Since her nephew is playing for the U17 Spain squad, she also decided to follow him with her camera. 

Hope you can enjoy them, and remember that your comments are appreciated! Click back the "home" icon to come back to the main page and surf through the different galleries.

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